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Raid’s Video Campaign With VidMatic


The Campaign During the period of 7 days starting in June 30 and ending in July 7 2016, VidMatic, through Accuen ran a campaign for Raid the insecticide and consequently, we were able to deliver branding for Raid through brand safe environment. The formats of InStream and OutStream delivered branding of Raid’s video campaign with VidMatic to increase regional sales. Key Results of success...

STC’s Video Campaign With VidMatic SSP


THE VIDEO CAMPAIGN STC ran a video campaign with VidMatic, through the trading desk VIVAKI. The campaign targeted Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia during the period June 30 through July 7 2016. The purpose of the campaign was to increase brand awareness for increased regional sales. VidMatic, provided branding solution in a brand-safe environment. Moreover, VidMatic was successful to achieve the purpose...

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