Video Advertising and Holistic Ad Serving?

Holistic Ad Serving Intro
Video Advertising: Holistic Ad Serving

Intro: what is holistic ad serving?

Holistic Ad Serving was once considered to be a fragment of the programmatic industry. today it is the new big thing. Today it is the shaping trend of the industry. Holistic Ad Serving in simple words is the process of integrating real-time-bidding (RTB) systems to a core ad serving platforms. A key difference is the decision-making process of ad serving where it is done from within one system.

When Holistic Ad Serving was presented at first, the concept was revolving around two main ideas: revolutionizing the serving stack of publishers back then and placing the guidelines for advertisers and publishers on transacting over RTB infrastructures.

So basically, the Holistic Ad Serving process is about eliminating the role of manual campaign implementation. Furthermore, it is the transition to accepting and trafficking campaigns programmatically without the need to balance between the two systems. This concept is bringing machine learning in a more efficient way.

Now, let us try to break it from a practical point of view. The way the internet business works is fill direct campaigns first and then let the exchange try to fill whatever they can from what is left. Holistic Ad Serving will replace that to enable publishers to call the marketplace for exchange and to initiate bidding process for every impression. Hence, granting permission to demand to access the RTB environment and to compete directly within demand sources to fill impressions.

Challenges For Holistic ad serving

This new concept of serving ads, is shape-shifting the way the market operates. To be more specific, the way publishers connect with the ad exchange demand. In other words, Holistic Ad Serving empowers the shift from the traditional waterfall ad serving process, where the guaranteed campaigns always serve before non-guaranteed campaigns, to the new concept of single auction -aka holistic auction- where the higher price non-guaranteed campaigns could out win guaranteed campaigns.

This can result in higher yields and returns. On the other hand, this can also result in poor fillings. As one of the biggest challenges of Holistic Ad Serving is the trade-off between short-term revenue vs the long-term satisfaction of partners.

Holistic ad serving Tips:

This industry is slowly starting to operate as a single unit organism therefore:

  1. Obtain comprehension of competition. As the audiences grow into more complex demography, targeting becomes harder and trickier. Hence, competition level will rise to win an impression of the same internet user. What you need to understand is the emerging need for an ad server. An ad server that prevents non-guaranteed campaigns from winning over guaranteed campaigns.
  2. A picky approach. Understand that guaranteed campaigns do not differentiate a lot between demographics. Thus, the reach for high quality users is lessened. On the other hand, non-guaranteed campaigns follow cherry-picking approach. Non-guaranteed campaigns carefully select which user they want to serve an ad for to increase their chances for higher results.

In conclusion, we would say that publishers who are willing to invest in technology will have a higher revenue recognition opportunity than others.

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