AD Tech: AI and Video Ads The Wave Of The Future

AI and Video ads intertwine
Ad Tech: How AI and Video Ads Intertwine?

AI and Video Ads intertwine for the emerging need to go beyond the massive amounts of data publishers compile daily about their inventory. Gathering the data is an important step. Nonetheless, analyzing the data and making informed decisions on a timely basis is the main challenge. This is where AI comes to take the lead.

“Today’s AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to knowledge, people to the physical world and people to people.” Patrick Winston, MIT AI Lab Briefing 1997.

We have published an article earlier about AI and Video ads. In that article, we discussed AI from an introductory point of view and how it is affecting the overall industry. In this article, we will take it a step further and discuss how AI and Video Ads intertwine.

Video ads today are more personalized. This personalization aspect makes analysis crucial to optimization. Unfortunately, some today, think that they are employing AI to its fullest capacity just because they are targeting video ads to classified groups of audiences while crossing fingers that it will work.

AI and video ads today intertwine to make things more efficient and beneficial. AI is supposed to make the distribution of video ads in real time smoother while taking into consideration the personalization aspects of the video ad itself.

AI is not a new concept. AI started to emerge post WWII and developed over the years to the configuration we know today. With capabilities of achieving almost instantaneous learning, this is how AI and video ads intertwine. With reference to Patrick Winston’s quote, today with the vast amounts of data, we can help our publishing partners in the industry to provide more efficient offers and more premium inventories. AI helps focus audiences and matching the video ad to the content so the user experience is maximized. AI and video ads today can and will help a lot of businesses build their brand equity and reach their desired audiences.

Unfortunately, most people are only doing the minimum today to monetize due to lack of resources.  

The AI’s importance

To measure how successful your campaign was, you need to know if your campaign reached the desired/targeted audience. Personalized video ads success relies mainly on the relevance of the video ads to the audience it has been delivered to. AI importance arises from the ability to do that almost instantaneously. Moreover, AI’s importance arises from its ability to match video ads to the content, which increases the users’ video experience. Having said all that, AI can help publishers and producers extract more relevant data readings easily, and in an automated manner enabling personalized video ads’ success to peak.

In short, taking the step to acquire AI on your side will be more efficient and your ROI will definitely be positive.

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