VidMatic Integrates With Moat For Higher Video ViewabilityVidMatic Partners With Moat To Measure Video Ad Viewability

October 5, 2017. VidMatic, the global video SSP, is excited to announce its integration with Oracle’s Moat. This collaboration will provide a unified measurement of viewability and engagement for marketers and brands utilizing VidMatic’s inventory.


The Interactive Advertising Bureau defines “video ad viewability” as the need to have more than 50% of the video ad’s pixels in view for at least two consecutive seconds for an ad to be considered a view. However, in certain scenarios, marketers impose more demanding criterion to be met to consider the ad as “viewed” which comes as a result to the exponentially increased spend in video advertising.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for high viewability, Moat’s measurement trackers were applied directly onto VidMatic’s proprietary video player, allowing marketers to verify and measure viewability, brand safety, and engagement. As part of VidMatic’s commitment to transparency and brand safety, the integration is “always on”; 100% of VidMatic’s inventory is measured and tracked, at the single impression level.

Additionally, this integration will provide VidMatic’s publishing clients a clear unique selling point when selling directly to advertisers; a brand safe and viewable environment, verified by an MRC-Accredited vendor. Therefore, we are enthusiastic about adding this technology to VidMatic’s publisher solutions.


Moat is a SaaS analytics company focused on transforming brand advertising online. Moat’s products include Ad Search, Moat Pro, and Moat Analytics. Moat Ad Search is a free display ad search engine. Moat Pro is an industry-wide real-time search solution providing insights across brands, publishers, and ad tech. Moat Analytics is a proprietary solution for advertisers and publishers to measure ad effectiveness and content engagement, exposing a new lens of attention measurement that moves beyond traditional digital metrics. 


VidMatic empowers video advertising by developing data-driven software for publishers globally. Our sell-side platform allows publishers to focus on engaging their audiences by providing a unified RTB  advertising solution.

VidMatic offers innovative cross-device video formats that deliver high viewability rates, a proprietary ad server utilizing machine learning to reduce load times to an instantaneous 110ms, cutting-edge holistic yield management, and an advanced OVP to enable video content monetization.

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