VidMatic Shakes Hands With Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

VidMatic DoubleClick Ad Exchange
VidMatic & DoubleClick Ad Exchange

London, United Kingdom, May 12th, 2017. VidMatic, the leading sell side platform designated for publishers around the world continues to Empower Video Advertising. Today, VidMatic announces the integration of Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) on its platform.

This partnership with DoubleClick Ad Exchange will bring to our publishing partners, monetization solutions through the holistic yield management methods. This will happen by automation of real-time bidding (RTB). VidMatic’s integration with DoubleClick Ad Exchange does that by streamlining the supply’s requests to massive numbers of marketers. VidMatic’s partnership with DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) today, demonstrates a substantial step as it brings views closer between publishing and marketing partners on both ends of the agreement.

Waseem Bahot, Founder and CEO of VidMatic, commented, “We are excited to be meeting the demand of AdX marketers from different niches and regions around the world. Our publishing partners are happy. We keep unlocking new opportunities in different markets. Advertisers on the other hand are satisfied to achieve better ROIs with us as we deliver desired metrics.

About VidMatic

VidMatic empowers video advertising by developing data-driven software for publishers globally. Our sell side platform allows publishers to focus on engaging their audiences by providing a unified RTB video advertising solution.

VidMatic offers innovative cross-device video formats that deliver high viewability rates, a proprietary ad server utilizing machine learning to reduce load times to an instantaneous 110ms, cutting-edge holistic yield management and an advanced OVP to enable video content monetization.

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DoubleClick Ad Exchange ( helps media buyers and sellers connect through multiple deal types across a global, open, transparent and brand safe marketplace. For sellers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides ways to transact with buyers, by overcoming the challenges of the marketplace. Sellers can offer inventory on their own terms with unique pricing and business controls to ensure they protect their assets and get the most value for them.

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