VidMatic at DMEXCO 2017: Forming The Digiconomy

VidMatic is attending DMEXCO 2017 during the two day event 13 - 14 of September 2017.
VidMatic at Dmexco2017

For every industry, the is a backbone event that constructs the economy platform for the industry itself. DMEXCO 2017 is certainly, the economic platform for digital innovation.

During the event of DMEXCO 2017, visitors will experience and live through the volatility of trends that are reforming the shape of the business.The event DMEXCO 2017 is undeniably, the place for “makers and shakers, visionaries, marketing and media professionals, techies, and creative thinkers” to come to meet and make new business relations. DMEXCO 2017 is surely the place to be at this year and every year.

Consequently, similar to every year, VidMatic is attending the event this year to catch up with old friends and to introduce themselves and meet up with new ones. VidMaticans are eager to leave a fingerprint in forming the digiconomy.

VidMatic’s participation in the event comes from its realization of the importance of the event. VidMaticans will be roaming the over ninety thousand square meters mingling and engaging with over fifty thousand visitors to meet with pre selected potential partners amongst the over one thousand exhibiting companies.

VidMatic is highly committed to its partners of success to always bringing what can only be described as “end of the line” services and products to the table to keep its positioning as one of the pioneers in video advertising.

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