VidMatic: Releasing Massive Premium Licensed Video Library

Premium Licensed Video Library
Premium Licensed Videos

London, United Kingdom, April, 2017. Today, VidMatic announces the acquisition of 500,000 premium licensed video library by renowned content providers. These videos are brought to our partners by world’s top producers including Press Association, Reuters, Euronews, National Geographic, Ruptly, ITN, Videojug, in over 15 languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Turkish.

As the challenge to monetize in brand safe environments continues to rise, investment in IAB-compliant video content has become a crucial part of our video offering; additionally, 2,000 new videos are added daily, enhancing relevancy and user experience while significantly increasing instream revenues.

This opportunity will allow textual publishers to become full-fledged video publishers with zero production cost; thus entering the $9.15 billion video advertising marketplace*. [i]

VidMatic, through it is data driven software, provides publishers the opportunity to engage audiences while maintaining a successful video monetization strategy. VidMatic does that by providing a unified Real Time Bidding solution for video advertising. Through its devotion to EMPOWER VIDEO ADVERTISING, VidMatic provides IAB compatible cross-device formats to deliver the highest viewability rates.

Waseem Bahot, Founder and CEO of VidMatic commented: “In our efforts to fuel the landscape with premium video inventory, we have identified the necessity to provide publishers with premium content with cultural adaptation to our markets of focus. By doing so, we guarantee  higher user engagement with the content itself and a brand safe environment for potential adverts.

VidMatic is dedicated to its partners by bringing more innovative solutions to build and monetize video traffic more efficiently.


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