Pepsico’s Video Campaign With VidMatic

The video campaign

Pepsico ran a video campaign with VidMatic, through the trading desk Accuen. The campaign targeted Egypt with during the holy month of Ramadan. The purpose of the campaign was to increase brand awareness for increased regional sales. VidMatic, provided branding solution in a brand-safe environment. Moreover, VidMatic was successful to achieve the purpose of the campaign through InStream and OutStream formats. The campaign resulted in an outstanding VTR of 53% through filling 44% of the requests. 

Video Campaign Overview

VidMatic along with Accuen, the trading desk representing Pepsico at the time, were able to initiate the campaign through the dates of June 21 – 28, 2016. VidMatic ran over 1.2 Million ads through the formats of InStream  and OutStream while targeting desktop devices only.

Below you will an infographic about the campaign will demonstrate the details of the  campaign.  

Video Campaign by VidMatic for Pepsico
Pepsico’s  Campaign By VidMatic

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