Why Should Publishers Implement ads.txt?


The initiation of the tool ads.txt is considered the latest initiative in the programmatic advertising industry to support transparency. This initiative is currently attracting a wide global support and shift to fully adopt it. It is noticeable that almost any form of a business within the programmatic advertising industry is rushing to clean up the supply chain within the scope of their position...



VidMatic Partners With Moat To Measure Video Ad Viewability October 5, 2017. VidMatic, the global video SSP, is excited to announce its integration with Oracle’s Moat. This collaboration will provide a unified measurement of viewability and engagement for marketers and brands utilizing VidMatic’s inventory. WHY “VIEWABILITY” AS A MEASUREMENT? The Interactive Advertising Bureau defines “video ad...

VidMatic at DMEXCO 2017: Forming The Digiconomy


For every industry, the is a backbone event that constructs the economy platform for the industry itself. DMEXCO 2017 is certainly, the economic platform for digital innovation. During the event of DMEXCO 2017, visitors will experience and live through the volatility of trends that are reforming the shape of the business.The event DMEXCO 2017 is undeniably, the place for “makers and shakers...

Brand Safety Engineering: What Exactly Is It?


Brand Safety: An Overview The echo of the terms “Brand Safety” and “Brand Safe Environment” became more substantial for anyone who is even remotely connected to the digital advertising industry. A specific controversy in the digital video advertising raised the red flag for this term where a certain brand appeared on a none-safe environment. Just like any other challenge...

Different Video Ad Formats – The Pros & Cons


Understanding the different video ad formats and what makes each type unique is a key for publishers to substantially monetize processively. Understanding the different types of video ad formats is crucial taking into consideration the rapid evolution of the industry needs itself. The needs of the industry have dictated the development of new ad-units under each ad format. Accordingly, publishers...

Holistic Ad Serving and The Best Practices


The term “Holistic Ad Serving” or the HAS in digital advertising is self-explanatory. It simply refers to unifying programmatic and direct sales methods under one processing system which aims to increase revenue recognition by maximum payouts. The Holistic Ad Serving concept overcomes all the cons of other methods and adds to the pros as well. In other words, Holistic Ad Server...

Holistic Ad Serving Vs Other Programmatic Methods


Intro Holistic Ad Serving is the natural evolution of digital advertising. The industry itself emerged in tangible form in 1994 with Yahoo and ESPN. Since 1994, the industry has been on the move and it has produced many forms and methods of advertising. Today, digital advertising has produced 5 main methodologies under the concept of programmatic trading. In this article, we will be focusing on...

AD Tech: AI and Video Ads The Wave Of The Future


AI and Video Ads intertwine for the emerging need to go beyond the massive amounts of data publishers compile daily about their inventory. Gathering the data is an important step. Nonetheless, analyzing the data and making informed decisions on a timely basis is the main challenge. This is where AI comes to take the lead. “Today’s AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to...

VidMatic Shakes Hands With Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.


London, United Kingdom, May 12th, 2017. VidMatic, the leading sell side platform designated for publishers around the world continues to Empower Video Advertising. Today, VidMatic announces the integration of Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) on its platform. This partnership with DoubleClick Ad Exchange will bring to our publishing partners, monetization solutions through the holistic yield...

VidMatic: Releasing Massive Premium Licensed Video Library


London, United Kingdom, April, 2017. Today, VidMatic announces the acquisition of 500,000 premium licensed video library by renowned content providers. These videos are brought to our partners by world’s top producers including Press Association, Reuters, Euronews, National Geographic, Ruptly, ITN, Videojug, in over 15 languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Turkish...

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