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Optimize Monetize Distribute With VidMatic

VidMatic's SSP is designed designed to provide agencies and advertisers with a fully transparent, brand safe environment and publishers with maximized revenues.

All Things Video

Is What We Do.

VidMatic is a multi-screen video solution across desktop, mobile, tablet and even smart TVs, enabling you to reach your targeted and desired audiences with over 80+ publishers from around the world in a premium, scalable and brand safe video marketplace

Transparency is in our DNA, we offer our clients a white list and help them maximize the value of each video impression. Our robust video analytics is a real time reporting and tracking tool that allows you to keep track of your campaign progress, metrics and monetization effectiveness.

VidMatic’s impactful in-stream and out-stream video formats deliver the highest viewability rates with a guaranteed 100% viewability on in-page formats (certified by MOAT and Sizmek).

Cross Platform Inventory Reach

Desktop Computer


Smart TVs and wearables


Your Full Video

Advertising Global Suite

Full Video Ad Server
Delivering In-stream (Pre-roll/Mid-roll/Post-roll) formats & our unique out-stream formats
(InPage & OnPage). With all the features you expect in a powerful DSP & SSP - from device targeting, white listing, pacing control, auction control (RTB/Direct buying) and much more.
Video CMS
With a few clicks you can upload, add tags, edit meta-data, share and create multiple players and playlists.
Premium CMS - with all your video content hosted over our CDN servers.
An Integrated SSP
We deliver your inventory to over 250 leading DSPs, all you have to do is provide your partners a Deal ID that will enable them to buy your inventory through one of these programmatic platforms. Maximum monetization = Maximum revenue.
Brand Safety & Viewability
Insuring your ad appears in brand safe environments pre-bid by utilizing whitelists. Maximizing viewability using anti-fraud algorithms and real time monitoring of campaign performance.
Content Exchange
Publisher can share their video content with other publishers and get the chance to get additional revenue for monetizing their content.
Data Management Platform
Collecting and storing user data. Creating audience segments to improve programmatic targeting and bidding executed by Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

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