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Driven by innovative vision, VidMatic was established in the heart of London, United Kingdom, with one goal in mind, to Empower Video Advertising. Since inception, VidMatic adopted transparency to conduct its business, which became one of the core value all VidMaticans practice on a day-to-day basis.

VidMatic’s product is born from the womb of its philosophy. Aiming to become an industry leader. VidMatic constantly evaluates, assesses and comes up with enhanced solutions to our partners, adding value on both sides of the equation. This has resulted in maintaining healthy relationships and sustaining them to deliver growth.

VidMatic is Empowering Video Advertising by constantly challenging the status quo potential of ourselves and our partners to transform challenges into new rewarding opportunities. VidMatic guarantees to continuously remain dedicated to bringing up-to-the-minute solutions to make everyone understand that “potential” is infinite.

VidMatic represented by its VidMaticans, consider this statement a commitment to our partnerts.

فِيدْمَاتِيكْ تَدْعَمُ اللُّغَةُ العَرَبِيَّةُ

فِيدْماتِيك مُتَمَثِّلة بِإِدارتها الإِقليميّة تُقَدِّم مِنصَّة مَخزُون مُستَخدِمِي الإِنتَرنِت الأَسرَع نُمُوَّاً فِي إِقلِيمِ الشَّرقِ الأَوسَطِ وشَمَالِ أَفرِيقِيا. لَقَد قُمنَا بِتَحقِيقِ ذَلِكَ مِن دَعمِنَا المُستَمِر لِتَفعيِلِ إِعلاناتِ الفِيديو الرَّقميَّة – We Empower Video Advertising – فِي إِقلِيمِ الشَّرقِ الأَوسَطِ وشَمالِ أَفريقِيا. لَقَد قُمنَا بِتَطويرِ مِنَصَّتِنا لتُقَدِّم بَرنَامَج شُمولِي تَحلِيلِي يَعتَمِد بِشَكلٍ أَسَاسِي عَلَى البَيانَاتِ المَقرُوءَة يَهدِف لِلعَودَة بِالفَائِدِة عَلى النَّاشِريِن عَلَى مُستَوَى العَالَم؛ فَمِنَصَّة فِيدْمَاتِيك لِمَخزُونِ مُستَخدِمي الإِنتَرنِت تَرتَكِز بِأَدَائِهَا عَلى مُحَاكَاةِ الجَمَاهِير مِن خِلالِ أَحدَثِ خَوَارِزمِيَّاتِ المُزَايَدَةِ الآَنِيَّةِ عَلَى المَسَاحَاتِ الإِعلَانِيَّة المَعرُوفَةِ بِــ (Real Time Bidding -RTB).

فِيدْماتِيك تُقَدِّم لِشُرَكائِهَا فِي النَّجَاحِ مَسَاقَاتٍ وَأَنسِقَة فِيديو مُختَلِفَةٍ وَمُتَوَاؤِمَةٍ مَع أَحدَثِ تِكنُولُوجِياتِ العَصرِ لِضَمَانِ أَعلَى نِسَبِ إِتمَامِ المُشَاهَدَةِ المَعرُوفَةِ بِــ (View Through Rate-VTR). فِيدْماتِيك تُؤمِن بِدَوامِ المُثَابَرَةِ وَالجِدِّ لِاستِدَامةِ النَّجَاحَاتِ تِلوَ الأُخرَى ولِذَلِكَ فَنَحنُ نَستَخدِم خَوادِمَ (سِيرفَرَات) خَاصَّة لِتَخدِمَ مِبدَأَ التَّعَلُّمِ الآلِيِّ (Machine Learning) لِتَخفِيضِ زَمنِ بِدء الفِيديُوهَاتِ لِشِبهِ لَحظِيٍّ (110 مل ثانية) لِلبدءِ.

أَفرادُ فِيدْماتِيك (أَو الفِيدْمَاتِيكِيِّون) هُم مَجمُوعَة مِن مُحتَرِفِيِّ إِدَارَةِ العَوَائِدِ كُلٌ فِي إِختِصَاصِه لِضَمَانِ أَعلَى حَدٍ مِن التَّنقِيد (Monetization) المُمكِنِ. مَقَرُّ شَرِكَةِ فِيدْماتِيك الرَّئِيسِيّ هُوَ لَندَن, المَملَكَة المُتَّحِدَة. لَدَى شَرِكَة فِيدْماتِيك إِدَارَة إِقلِيميَّة مُتَمَركِزَة فِي قَلبِ دُبَي, الإِمَارَاتِ العَرَبِيَّة المُتَّحِدَة مَع دَائِم الإِستِثمَار فِي مَركِز الأَبحَاثِ وَالتَّطوِير الخَاصِّ لِلإِبدَاعِ المُستَمِرِّ.


Your Full Video

Advertising Global Suite

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) redefined. Seamless direct and programmatic campaign ad serving in an instantaneous 110ms.

Holistic Video AD Server

With a few clicks you can upload, add tags, edit meta-data, share and create multiple players and playlists. Premium Video CMS - with all your video content hosted over our Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers.

Video CMS

Deliver your inventory to over 180 leading Demand Side Platforms (DSP) through a single integration with BidSwitch. Maximize your yield with a built-in dynamic floor price feature which utilizes machine learning.

An Integrated Supply Side Platform

Maximizing viewability using anti-fraud algorithms in real time to monitor campaign performance. Utilizing pre-bid brand safety tools to ensure your ad appears in appropriate environments.

Brand Safety & Viewability

Engage your audiences with access to more than 500,000 licensed videos from premium content providers in over 15 languages.

Licensed Video Content

Collecting and storing user data. Creating audience segments to improve programmatic targeting and bidding executed by Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Data Management Platform

The Trade Desk

The true technology partner for media buyers.


The targeting and personalization platform for B2B companies.

DoubleClick Bid Manager

The next-generation DSP; great transparency and great performance in global display media buying across ad exchanges.


Most strategic partner in the programmatic world providing technology for to buy/sell traffic between elite SSPs and DSPs.

Double Click Ad Exchange

Real time marketplace for buying/selling advertising.


World's responsible for developing best-in-class programmatic technology.


More than a trading desk; it is a trusted source for programmatic buying and audience management solutions.


Part of Publicis Media where data, technology and innovation is a centralized global practice within the group.


The industry's first open and flexible platform for media buying for the world's leading marketers.


Global digital media platform that programmatically connects advertisers and publishers to audiences across all addressable channels.


The center of the new TV ecosystem.

One By Aol

Simplifying the entire digital media process.

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